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Instructions for Use


Indizen Optical Technologies S.L.U. dba IOT distributes semifinished ophthalmic lenses. These semifinished lenses are made up of a variety of materials, treatments and designs. The materials used are from a variety of different plastics manufactured and tested according to applicable regulatory requirements.


The IOT semifinished ophthalmic lenses are indicated for use, after further laboratory processing, to assist with correcting vision associated with nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism and presbyopia. They are intended to be used by patients under the direction and prescription of an eye care practitioner i.e. optometrist.


IOT semifinished ophthalmic lenses are sold to qualified ophthalmic laboratories for further processing which includes surfacing, grinding, polishing, coating, etc. Each lab should follow their own internal procedures and protocols for adequately processing semifinished lenses accordingly and in a qualified manner.


The lenses should only be used with other compliant devices such as ISO 12870 for optical frames and assembled in accordance with ISO 21987 (mounted spectacle lenses). For Camber semifinished lenses, there are marks for horizontal orientation and TOP area at the outside of the lens.


The IOT semifinished ophthalmic devices are not considered finished medical devices and are therefore not intended for use until after they have been further processed by a qualified laboratory. They are not intended to be used by patients or end users until further product finishing, processing and being inserted into frames upon the prescription of an eye care practitioner.

For further information or to request a physical copy of these instructions for use, please contact IOT.

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