Camber Technology with IOT Intelligence

Camber Technology combines complex surfaces on both sides of the lens to provide excellent visual correction.

Its unique front surface has a continuous curvature variation. It is specially designed to increase the reading areas and achieve better optical quality.

Front surface innovation

A single progressive lens has many powers; hence it has many ideal base curves, increasing in diopters from top to bottom. The distance zone power calls for a flatter base curve, while the near zone power calls for a steeper base curve. When a free-form progressive lens is processed from a spherical lens blank, the various powers must share a single base curve, one that may not be ideal for the near zone.
The Camber lens blank features a variable base curve, a front surface innovation that provides the optically ideal base curve in all viewing zones.

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Three components in synergy

The innovative lens blank is only the beginning. When the unique front surface is combined with a sophisticated back-side digital design, both surfaces work together to become the Camber finished lens.

Camber lenses have three essential components:

No lens is more advanced

Camber Steady Plus Progressive lenses provide the wearer with an unbeatable visual experience: wide reading zones, improved peripheral vision, extended power range, more aesthetically pleasing lenses, and unbeatable near vision performance.

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Proven results

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In a double-blind study, test wearers compared the same progressive design, one of them engineered with Camber technology and the other one without it.

•    Test wearers wore each pair of glasses for the duration of one week but were not aware of which lenses they were wearing for the entirety of the study.
•    Both pairs of lenses were of identical material and base curve and mounted in the same frame.
•    Wearers were surveyed about their experience with the lenses after testing them both.


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Personalized free-form progressive lens designed with Camber Technology

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