Lens optimization technologies

CamberTM lens technology

Camber Technology combines complex curves on both surfaces of the lens to provide excellent vision correction. The unique, continuously changing front surface of the specially designed lens blank was specifically created to expanded reading zones with improved peripheral vision.

IOT Digital Ray-Path 2 lens calculation technology

In addition to mathematically compensating for oblique aberrations, IOT Digital Ray-Path 2 adds the intelligent use of the wearer’s accommodation: the small power adjustments the eyes naturally make to view objects at different distances. Lenses customized with this technology have drastically reduced oblique aberrations across the entire field of vision. They are more comfortable, have impeccable visual quality, and more precise focus.

Steady lens design methodology

This methodology is applied to progressive lenses. It considers the average power of the sphere of distribution to increase the wearer’s satisfaction. It offers improved peripheral vision and image stability.

Our technologies

IOT Intelligence

Other technologies

Photochromic lens technology

The result of years of scientific research, our revolutionary technology improves photochromic performance for optimal vision, comfort, and protection. 

Vacuum deposition coatings

IOT offers our partners the ability to create exclusive state-of-the-art anti-reflective and mirror coatings for their individual business needs. This can be a distinct competitive advantage and a way to create differentiation. 

IOT Intelligence

Intelligence allows us to understand, learn, make decisions, and solve problems. Skills and experiences are also part of it. Thanks to IOT Intelligence, all our learning and knowledge, as well as all the results of our investigations will be at your complete disposal.


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