Endless Single Vision

Personalized free-form single vision lens. Advanced design provides unparalleled visual quality.

Endless Single Vision

Personalized free-form single vision lens. Advanced design provides unparalleled visual quality.

Use of electronic devices has transformed our lives. Time spent focusing on screens at close range has increased dramatically, creating the need to view objects at many distances with more agility and precision. 

Endless Single Vision lenses were designed for modern lifestyles. The visual quality, clarity, and comfort of these premium single vision lenses are impeccable. These lenses revolutionize the current concept of personalization to incorporating IOT Digital Ray-Path 2 Technology. Endless Single Vision lenses are more sophisticated and effective than a traditional personalized lens because the optimization process also considers the wearer’s accommodative ability to focus at different distances.

In recent double-blind wearer trials, 100% of patients were very satisfied with Endless Single Vision lenses. 96% reported excellent visual quality in distance, intermediate and near, and 96% said they provided excellent vision for use of electronic devices. 

Single vision lens designed for modern lifestyles.


Camber Steady Plus Progressive

Use: General
Product: Personalized 
Frequency of use: Regular

Ideal wearer

Camber Steady Plus Progressive

Those looking for the most innovative solutions.

Active wearers with demanding visual tasks.

Digitally connected wearers.

Wearers with all types of prescription powers.


Camber Steady Plus Progressive

Material & blank provider: Endless Single Vision lenses are compatible with any blank provider and lens index. 

Coatings: Endless Single Vision lenses are compatible with any coatings you run at your lab.

Machinery & LMS​: Endless Single Vision lenses are compatible with almost any machinery supplier and LMS.

Endless Single Vision Technologies

Free-form lenses for modern life

Most personalized single vision lenses are calculated based on the assumption that they will be used only for distance vision. But, in real life, they are worn for all activities and to view objects at all distances.

The visual demands of today’s single vision lens wearers are closely linked to the intensive use of digital devices. This creates the demand for impeccable visual quality at near and intermediate distances. 

Endless Single Vision lenses were created for modern lifestyles. They are optimized and personalized for all visual distances, not just distance. Wearers experience exceptional vision for all activities.

Endless Single Vision Benefits

  • Impeccable visual quality, especially for high prescriptions and wrapped frames.
  • Comfortable and accurate focusing at all distances.
  • Near elimination of peripheral blur.
  • Superior visual quality for viewing digital devices.




Endless Single Vision Options

Traditional single vision lens

Endless Single Vision

Endless Single Vision lens

Endless Single Vision

Endless Single Vision Features

Infinite design configuration options

Create a unique product suited to your market needs.

Endless Single Vision lenses allow for countless configurations, providing the opportunity to differentiate for unique market needs. No other lens design portfolio is as modular, flexible, and versatile as IOT’s. 

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