Camber Steady Plus Progressive Lab Kit

Camber Steady Plus Progressive Lab Kit

Learn in-depth about Camber Steady Plus Progessive, our most advanced progressive lens design.

Equip your optical lab with our Camber Steady Plus Lab Kit, a comprehensive package designed to enhance understanding and utilization of our most advanced progressive lens design. This kit includes essential documents and resources that enable labs and eye care professionals (ECPs) to effectively integrate and communicate the benefits of Camber Steady Plus lenses.

What you'll find in this kit:

  • Camber Technology White Paper: An extensive exploration of the innovative Camber technology, detailing the unique design, superior visual stability, and patient benefits of these progressive lenses.
  • Camber Steady Plus Progressive Commercial Brochure: A succinct, easy-to-distribute brochure that highlights key features and benefits of the lenses, perfect for client education during consultations.
  • Camber Steady Plus Progressive Technical Guide: Provides labs with detailed technical specifications on lens customization, fitting, and adaptation procedures to ensure optimal performance and user satisfaction.

This lab kit is tailored to deliver comprehensive support to optical labs and ECPs, empowering them to make informed choices about Camber Steady Plus lenses and to effectively relay their advantages to patients seeking premium progressive lenses.

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