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Clinical trials

Before you launch your products, we test their acceptance through exhaustive clinical trials with real wearers. In each study, we conduct specific objective and subjective tests. This way, we extract data on the product’s real benefits and share the results with you. You can use them for commercial purposes or to train your staff. If we disclose them in a scientific publication, we will provide them to you. This will bring more credibility and prestige to your products.

Custom lens design  

If you want to reinforce your private label, ask us for proprietary custom-made designs. You can count on our knowledge and resources to develop them, with the most innovative technologies available. The results are unique and state-of-the-art.

Development of new functionalities or options in IOT Freeform Designer (LDS)

We adapt to your calculation needs. Our development team helps you implement new configuration options that fit your needs. We can develop new functions or calculation methods based on your requirements.

Other services

The IOT Experience

Our way of working is open and transparent.
Communications flow easily.

When executing a project with you, we like to get as involved as possible. Flexibility and customer orientation are crucial to us. You can count on our multidisciplinary teams for whatever you need. We answer your questions. We propose ideas, improvements, and innovations for your business.

As a matter of principle, we share our knowledge with you. This is the only way to refine even the most minor details of the products and technologies we develop together. Contact us whenever you need to. We are all ears.


Let's work together!

Anything is possible when we combine your vision and expertise with our research and technology

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