IOT Technical Audit

IOT Technical Audit


We audit your manufacturing processes and perform exhaustive quality controls. This ensures your products meet the highest standards.

IOT Freeform Designer implementation process 

We want you to be able to produce the most advanced lenses. That’s why our IOT Freeform Designer software is highly flexible. It adapts to the needs of each laboratory. Our commitment: to help you implement your product portfolio correctly and at the right time. To do that, we help you with:

•    Installation and configuration of the software
•    Periodic updates
•    Technical training: functionality, options, configuration, and incident management

Initial quality control  

Our team of experts ensures optimum production quality. Once the software is installed, we start the first quality control. We ask you to produce a specific set of lenses. We map and analyze them according to relevant tolerances. In this way, we can detect any production errors across the entire surface. We then provide you with a full report on the initial production status. We work with you on a continuous improvement plan.

Technical training 

We know how important it is for you to carry out your strategy successfully. It is essential for your team to acquire all the necessary technical knowledge. Remember, you can count on our experience for team training.

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