Progressive Lenses for Unparalleled Focus

Soluções em progressivas

Lentes progressivas personalizadas, projetadas com as tecnologias IOT mais revolucionárias.

"After years of trying different brands of progressives, I feel like I hit the jackpot when my lab introduced me to their in-house IOT design lens. I’ve fitted this lens to first timers and previous wearers and to date, have not had a single non-adapt in over 7 years! If I can wear it, anyone can! Thank you IOT, from one very happy optician.”

- Rose Mary Torres (CEO, La Vista Mobile Optical)

Our custom lens technology works with a wearer, not against.

IOT progressive lenses use an array of proprietary technologies to enhance the wearer’s experience and reduce instances of non-tolerance in first-time progressive wearers.

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IOT Digital Ray-Path 2

Models the wearer’s accommodative object space and incorporates their natural ability to minimize oblique aberrations, enhancing clarity and sharpening focus.

Progressive lens designs with DRP2:
Camber Steady Plus, Endless Steady, Endless Drive, Endless Sport, Endless Pilot

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Camber Technology

Combines complex curvatures on both lens surfaces for a unique visual experience with enhanced reading zones, better peripheral vision, extended power range, and superior near vision.

Progressive lens designs with Camber:
Camber Steady Plus

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Steady Methodology

Minimizes the swim effect by regulating mean power throughout the lens, reducing errors and improving peripheral vision in the distance zone.

Progressive lens designs with Steady:
Endless Steady and Essential Steady

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Steady Plus Methodology

Provides the benefits of Steady while improving the wearer’s binocular performance for mid-range and near vision as both eyes perceive identical powers for each gaze direction.

Progressive lens designs with Steady Plus:
Camber Steady Plus

Redefining the benefits of progressive lenses

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Progressive lenses can be an excellent solution
for presbyopes, who need multiple viewing areas
in one lens. Our lens designs offer many benefits
across our range of products for labs, eye care
professionals, and wearers.

Benefits for labs & ECPs

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1. Enhanced efficiency and reduced costs lead to
easier wearer adaption and fewer adjustments
and manufacturing redos after the initial fitting
2. Greater wearer satisfaction boosts professional
reputation and customer loyalty
3. Increased ranges and availability in the
overall PAL portfolio enhance a provider’s
ability to meet diverse customer needs


Benefits for wearers

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1. Easier adaption makes it easier to locate the correct part of the lens for different viewing distances
2. Less distortion outside the viewing zone minimizes visual blur around the edges of the lens for visual quality and eye-strain reduction
3. Ultra high-definition vision provides exceptionally clear and sharp vision for a more natural visual experience


Compatibility and design flexibility

We deliver lens technology tailored to meet specific needs, personal
preferences, and distinctive glazing requirements, guaranteeing seamless
integration with your current free-form equipment.

Our IOT Lens Design Software is compatible with almost any LMS,
providing endless lens configuration options.

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