IOT's new myopia management lens is the perfect solution for laboratories and ECPs to serve families with myopic children.
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Revolutionizing Myopia Management for Children

Designed with cutting-edge technology and backed by extensive research, MyoLess offers an exciting new approach to treating the "silent pandemic" of childhood myopia.

This lens is not only extremely effective in slowing down the rate of increase in myopia; it also combats ocular elongation thanks to its unique Myo Free-form Technology, which adapts to the nasal and temporal asymmetry of the retina.

In clinical trials carried out with European children, wearers of this new lens had an astonishing 39% lower increase in axial length growth after 12 months, compared to wearers of a single vision lens.

Manufactured with free-form technology, MyoLess is compatible with any standard single vision blank, reducing laboratory costs and lens inventory. It is also aesthetically pleasing, with no visible traces of the treatment showing on the lens surface.

Amid these challenges, the MyoLess emerges as an innovative optical solution from IOT, designed to effectively address childhood myopia. This lens offers a promising way to manage and mitigate myopia's impact, ensuring clearer vision and a clearer future.

Who is MyoLess for?

According to an interview study with 3195 respondents worldwide, practitioners consider that children with a refractive error of -0.50D to -1.00D and a minimum age of 6 years are suitable candidates for myopia management glasses.

Myopia begins to develop during school years and it has been demonstrated that its onset at early ages is a precursor for high myopia in future. Prompt treatment is crucial to limit the chances of its progression. The treatment should start as soon as the first symptoms of myopia appear.

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MyoLess - Patient Benefits

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Slower progression of childhood myopia: reduces the growth of eye elongation

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Perfect vision in the clear area

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Enhanced comfort: similar to a regular SV lens

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Superior aesthetics: treatment is undetectable on the lens surface, with no visible marks or lines

Theoretical Foundation

The MyoLess myopia management lens is built based on hyperopic defocus theory. Standard negative lenses cause light to focus behind the peripheral retinal plane. This can stimulate the eye to elongate further and worsen the myopia over time. By contrast, a lens with positive power at the periphery enables light to focus correctly on the retinal plane.

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Myo Free-Form Technology

Myo Free-Form Technology is an advanced innovation that effectively slows down the progression of axial elongation in children’s eyes. It achieves this by incorporating asymmetric positive defocus on the back surface of the lens, which is calibrated to the natural asymmetry of the retina. This ensures that all light is focused on the retinal plane, effectively combating ocular elongation, and slowing down the progression of myopia.

Myo Free-Form Technology includes two zones. In the center is a clear visual zone, 7mm in diameter, with an ovoidal shape that improves vision on the vertical axis.

Surrounding this first zone, there is the myopia treatment zone with asymmetric peripheral defocus, strategically calibrated with +1.8D and +1.5D (temporal and nasal areas) and +2.0D at the bottom of the lens. In conjunction, these carefully calculated zones give children the best possible visual experience while simultaneously treating their myopia progression.

Manufactured by free-form technology using spherical blanks

  • Unparalleled versatility, allowing production in any desired material.
  • Reduced laboratory costs and lens inventory.
  • Remarkably thinner lenses for a slim and aesthetically pleasing appearance.
  • A flawlessly smooth and consistent physical surface, comfortable and natural for a child to wear.
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Proven Clinical Trial Results

The efficacy of MyoLess has been evaluated in the first randomized, double-blind study carried out specifically in a European population. Children aged 6-12 took part, with treatment continuing for one year.

The study yielded remarkable preliminary results. Ocular elongation, measured by axial length increase, was an astonishing 39% lower after 12 months in wearers of this lens compared to a standard single vision lens.

Analysis shows that wearers of our innovative lens technology experience significantly less ocular elongation compared to those using single vision lenses.

Notably, the satisfaction scores were found to be on par with those achieved using a single vision lens, underscoring the seamless adaptability of children to our innovative lens solution.

Performance at all distances

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97%  were satified with the performance of MyoLess lenses at distance, intermediate, and near.


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95%  said MyoLess lenses provided excellent comfort.


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100% reported good sharpness while wearing MyoLess lenses.

MyoLess - Features

This myopia management solution effectively combats ocular elongation. With this solution, it is easy to prescribe just one pair of glasses for every child!

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