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IOT Technical Support

IOT Technical Audit


Periodic quality controls 

Periodic quality controls are designed to solve any production errors detected to ensure correct manufacturing of your lenses.

Incident solution 

When you have a problem producing a lens or performing a calculation, our team will be at your side to help you diagnose the error and provide you with a solution to the problem in the shortest possible time. 

Auditing and process improvement

Our process engineering team will help you detect possible areas of improvement in your production processes and establish an improvement plan that will allow you to manufacture lenses with the best quality. On top of that, they will show you how to detect possible inefficiencies in the production process and help you establish protocols to improve efficiency and productivity in the manufacturing process.

In addition, we work closely with you to help you implement a continuous improvement plan to ensure that your lenses are always produced correctly. And you will be able to detect new areas of improvement in the evolution of your production process and quality control.

Personalized support and advice 

You may have questions about the characteristics of the lenses, complex orders, rejections, etc. This is normal. Our team of experts is there to solve any unforeseen event through a direct and agile communication channel. No waiting.

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IOT Intelligence

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